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Connection Church  exists to celebrate Christ in worship, to assist believers to become Christ-like,  and to reach people the Church world has forgotten.





1. We value Radical Faith - We will not settle for less than God’s greatest desire. We commit to be a people who pray big and believe God for big results.


2. We value Christ Life - We are not focusing on what we cannot do, but we live in what Christ enables us to do.


3. We value Community - We desire to live as a biblical community. We will devote ourselves to Christ and to one another.


4. We value Honor - We believe our testimony is impacted by the way we honor God and one another. We will honor our heavenly Father, each other, and all people.


5. We value Growth - We believe healthy things grow. In the body of Christ healthy believers grow in their faith, and healthy fellowships grow in their impact.


6. We value Service - We believe things that sit spoil. We want believers out of their seats and in service of others.


7. We value The Best - We believe we are less than perfect, but in all things we give our best in faith and service to the Lord Jesus Christ. We do all things as unto the Lord.


8. We value What Matters - We believe methods outlive their usefulness. We will never focus on the method, but on the Master. When a way no longer serves Christ’s purpose, or hinders the faithful in their service of Christ it must be laid down.


9. We value Vision - We have come together around the vision God has given Pastor Joe, and we will work to accomplish this vision and will defend the unity of this vision and our fellowship.


10. We value Redemption - Our God is the One who makes all things new. We love joining Him in that work.












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