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Connection Church was founded with a simple desire to bless God and people.   You hear this in our vision statement, which reads, “The vision of Connection Church is to celebrate Christ in worship, to assist belivers in becoming Christ-like, and to reach the people the church world has forgotten.   In August of 2012 Pastor Joe Newton began the journey to fulfill this vision.  Since that time Connection Church has practiced the ideas embodied in this vision.  Each week at the Gathering we celebrate Christ with music from Connection Band, and the truth of God’s word covered with prayer.  During the week we gather in homes to build one another up in Christ, and we are always engaging our community to show the love and grace of Christ to all.  We want to be a church that moves beyond our walls and engages the people of our community.   Connection Church is a highly culturally engaged church, seeking to tear down the barriers that men have erected between Christ and people.  We are committed to our community, and to living out His love for this world to see.  We would love to have you come and join with us in the journey. 

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