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Welcome to our sign in page, we are excited to have you register with Connection Church.  By creating a login, you gain access to:


Finding a Connection LIFE group that fits you and your family’s needs

Under the FIND A GROUP tab, you will be able to search for a Connection LIFE group near your home.   If you have a question about a particular life group, enter your contact information, and the LIFE group leader will contact you with  the answer to the question.


20 Something’s and Youth Events

 The system posts schedules and locations for events involving 20 Something’s and Youth Events.


Who’s who

 Based on the privacy setting you select, you have the ability to view our directory, complete with profile information of others at Connection.  The data that is shared with others is completely driven by the privacy settings you determine.


Online Giving

 The system offers a streamlined approach to giving.  You have a number of ways to give. You you can give a one-time gift, or     set the system to ‘schedule’ giving by date.


Giving Statement

Available 24/7 you are able to review your online contributions for the year. 


These are just a few capabilities of our system.   Please take full advantage of them as you become more ‘connected’ at CONNECTION CHURCH.  If you have not registered Click on the link below, and select sign up.


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